The contemporary music repertoire seen in a different light 

HANATSU miroir was founded in 2010. Resulting from the encounter of flutist Ayako Okubo and percussionist Olivier Maurel, the ensemble has a strong focus on developing and disseminating the contemporary music repertoire. Over the years, the integration of mediums other than music has become the group’s trademark, allowing them to open new avenues for understanding and interpreting the contemporary music repertoire.

An approach which is intentionally multidisciplinary

Without ever relegating music to a secondary role, the ensemble has adopted a multidisciplinary approach that is adapted to each composer, project and encounter, and to every new experience. Essentially focused on human encounters, HANATSU miroir attempts to forge links, building bridges between cultures, performers and composers, between civilizations and their art, and between music and the public. Through a flexible, open organisation, the ensemble integrates painting, scenography, visual arts, dance and theatrical forms. HANATSU miroir’s initiative is to re-situate music in the art of time, and to enhance the musical perception of the audience, to guide it differently through the use of other artistic mediums. This approach has attracted numerous young composers, who wish to contribute to the unique project of HANATSU miroir by composing new works and developing common projects.


-The identity of HANATSU mirror: at the crossroads of creation, interdisciplinarity, intercultural connections

By working with forms of art such as video, Noh theatre, calligraphy or new technologies, the chosen musical repertoire acquires new dimensions which, integrated into the interpreter’s performances, enhance or reveal new facets of the meaning of the composers’ work. These diffferent mediums serve to ‘interpret’ the ensemble’s performances, thereby providing alternate paths between the composer and the audience. Using sound as the meeting point, form as a poetic vessel and the generosity of music as a common source of energy, HANATSU miroir is an ensemble that transcends frontiers.

-reaching out towards a wider and closer audience

HANATSU miroir aims to respond to the demands of an open-minded and curious audience, making a musical repertoire, which is sometimes considered to be difficult to understand, accessible to all. The scenic and visual dimension of the ensemble’s projects makes it possible to place the audience at the heart of contemporary musical creation. Make music more alive and bring it closer to each and every member of the audience.

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